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Amazon Customer Reviews

I absolutely love the beach on a plate! Definitely my favourite decoration piece at home. It arrived well packaged and padded that there was no chance of breakages. Very happy with the product as well as the service
Jan Nishey
I've been using metal straws for awhile now. problem was they were the tall ones and it would cause my short glasses to tip over and cause a mess. These are the perfect size for rocks glasses, kids glasses, juice glasses and coffee cups. Perfect size and comes with a brush for cleaning. Bonus!
Donna L. Amato
These straws are awesome. They come with a rubber tip so you don't burn your lips or fingertips. I didn't think I would need them but because the straw is short it gets hot and the rubber is a life saver! Comes with a cleaning brush. Very durable and will last a very long time.
Kathleen Moss
I was skeptical that these might not fit right enough, be too bulky, etc... but they’re perfect! They fit very snuggly and are just the right thickness. Very comfortable and I love the discs that keep the straw from rattling! This is a great buy, especially for the price. Love them!
Sandy N